Vertical Lift

( Sectional Door )

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Ideal Solution for Areas where Headroom is not an Issue

Product Info :

Sectional door, also called overhead door, is suitable as a flexible closure of spaces such as industrial premises and warehouses. It’s an ideal solution for business and production areas and are manufactured to suit any room construction/application within the maximum door size.

Advanced door technologies are used to ensure the long term fail-free operation with high intensity. Special elements, which increase their reliability and wear resistance are provided in the structure of doors and guides.


The primary intention of a sectional door is protection of the premises against unauthorized access and weather conditions. Furthermore, the daily activities and flow of goods have to be disrupted as little as possible.

These doors are the ideal equipment for energy-saving and secure locking in the premises where it is needed to keep the air conditioning, because they provide a perfect locking, a high thermal insulation and maximum savings.


The sectional doors are easily adapted to any kind of space, because they are made with a set of compact panels that slide upward through lateral guides and are compensated by a spring system. They are designed to not occupy surface outside nor inside and to overcome obstacles such as overhead cranes, beams or pipes. They are widely used doors in all indsutrial buidlings like factory or warehouse.


All Industrial Sectional Doors are manufactured with a high sealing system which increases the thermal insulation.

Insulated Sectional Doors use totally Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam panel with wide range of stucco nish colours available. The panels are manufactured with two steel sheets, which are galvanized and previously lacquered, and have high tolerance to the oxidation. In the chamber created between them, a high density polyurethane foam is injected, so achieving a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation and a high mechanical resistance.


  • Max. Door Weight : 462 kg
  • Max. Door Size : W 8500, H 5500
  • Max. Door Leaf Size : 48 m2
  • Pitch Angle : -
  • Min. Lintel Build in Space : DH + 400


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